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Donna Newman Commercial Film Team

Mike McGowan - Cinematographer

There's a reason that when celebs can only hire one photographer they hire Donna... she sees the world in a unique way. She has been the photographer of choice for Howard Stern, Katherine Heigl, Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, Rush Limbaugh, Ali Larter, and many more. Donna's transition into film making was a natural one. After shooting over 4 million still frames and modeling for the Ford agency she has the knack to make it happen on set. Donna is able to connect with the actors and models in a way that most can't. She's been told that her ability to get "the look" out of the talent is uncanny.

Donna conceptualizes and creates the ideas behind the commercials. She has relationships at all of the agencies and personally casts for every project based on her vision.

Ian has been the driving force behind the Donna Newman brand. With a degree in finance and coming from a consulting and investment banking background, Ian is a natural at putting all the pieces of a project together. He handles all aspects of client management and coordinates projects from conception to post production. Oh yeah - he's Donna's husband.

Mike has worked on dozens of feature films like Transporter Two, Confession of a Shopaholic, 2 Fast 2 Furious, hundreds of commercials and music videos like Chanel, Super Bowl, Lexus, Gatorade and many seasons of network television including CSI Miami, Dexter, and Burn Notice. As a third generation filmmaker he brings several lifetimes of experience to the table. He started developing his craft of making Hollywood movies at the age of 7 alongside his father on the movie Caddyshack.

He's a do whatever it takes to get the job done guy. He specializes in getting the most difficult shots under the most extreme circumstances. His projects have had him rappelling face first down skyscrapers with full gear, hanging off of helicopters, on the tops of mountains or hundreds of feet underwater He gets the shot every time. Any mode, super high, super low, left side, right side, up stairs, down stairs, forward, backward, on rollerblades, on ice skates and on no sleep for 48 hours straight with pneumonia, he gets the shots that tell the story.

Put simply, he's the only guy Donna will use.

Donna Newman - Director

Ian McGaffic - Producer